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5 Interesting Facts About Epoxy Flooring

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Interesting Facts about Epoxy

With all of the options out there, it can be very challenging to figure out what kind of flooring you should get.  When it comes to both commercial and personal use, you want something that can withstand heavy traffic, abuse, spills and more.  But, you don’t want to break the bank in order to put something in place that you’re just going to walk or drive on, right?  Well, why not get the heavy duty option that will keep your budget in mind but still give you the durability that you need?  Epoxy flooring is going to be the diamond you’re looking for. Here’s some interesting facts about Epoxy.

 Must-know details about epoxy flooring

  1. Epoxy flooring is very durable: If there was one word that you’d put into epoxy flooring, it’s “durable”.  This can be used on everything from the home, to airport hangers to car showrooms and beyond.  It’s intended to take a lot of use and abuse and it will look amazing as well as keep its surface smooth and dependable on your flooring of choice. It’s the ultimate protector for your concrete, timber and other surfaces that you’re protecting. 
  1. Epoxy flooring can be a fire protector: One off the main reasons that epoxy is used in so many commercial places — especially air hangers — is because the material in and of itself is a fire retardant.  This means when it detects fire or extreme heat, it will form a wall and essentially barricade the fire in.  It’s a great thing to have over your flooring when it comes to protecting your home or workplace from excessive fire damage until help arrives.

  2. You can have any colour under the sun: While it looks industrial in a lot of cases, epoxy flooring can actually be customized to any colour you want it.  A great option for personalization when you’re looking at maximizing that personalized element.  This is particularly helpful those who want it in a car sales room where customization of everything is important.

  3. It’s your best choice for an investment floor: When you really want to perfect the quality for money ratio in your favour, epoxy flooring is certainly the way it go.  While there is a bigger price tag on it at the top, it will be the only floor you ever need and it will hold its own against anything that you throw on it — literally. 

  4. Epoxy works well with other materials: Epoxy is a great base to combine with other floorings characteristics. For example, combining it with sand particles creates a durable and non-slip surface.  It’s ready for commercial and personal use however you need it.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, professional and multipurpose floor covering that will work in personal and commercial situations without breaking a sweat, epoxy flooring is going to be the cost-effective and durable way to go. It’ll give you the most control over your surroundings and it will be whatever you need it to be in a manner that you just can’t get in most materials even with all of the options available. Give us a call or send us a message to discuss options for you