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When it comes to choosing a new flooring system for government, industrial, commercial, residential, garage, or any other concrete surface, epoxy resin flooring truly stands out from other options for several reasons. Also known as resin or flake flooring, epoxy flooring is highly durable, sustainable, and amazingly decorative for any surface. Whether that’s your work garage, home garage or even your at home living area. What appeals most to our customers is its resistance to high levels of wear and tear and the ease in which it can be cleaned and maintained, making it the longest-lasting flooring options around!

Available Coating Systems:

brisbane epoxy flooring

Solid Colour Epoxy

Usually used for larger surfaces where a layer of protection and ease of cleaning is wanted

Metallic Epoxy

A one off custom designer floor. While still offering high levels of protection 

brisbane epoxy flooring

Flake Epoxy

A decorative system that offers both high levels of protects and that designer feel

brisbane epoxy flooring

Quartz Epoxy

A decorative or solid colour system where a non slip surface is required

Epoxy Granite Stone Flake
Interesting Facts about Epoxy

Our techniques will leave behind a premium designer floor, with the option of going for sutlty or going for something a bit more bold and creative

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Product Facts

making a start - A Smart Investment

Epoxy flooring can seem like a large investment at first, but it is also a very smart one. Easy to maintain and highly durable, concrete epoxy flooring can withstand chemicals, fire, cracks and chips while staying beautiful and shiny for many years to come.

Epoxy is tough stuff

Epoxy repair isn't thrown around too often. If you are in need of a heavy duty floor, epoxy flooring is the right choice for you. It can withstand heavy traffic and machinery, so it can be the perfect flooring for garages, factories, warehouses and airplane hangars.

Suitable for Any Location

Unlike most flooring options, concrete epoxy flooring can be installed on nearly all types of surfaces. This means you could get your epoxy flooring installed on timber, tile, concrete, and on other types of substrate.

Epoxy resins can be combined with other materials

With such a wide range of options, epoxy resins can also be combined with different other materials to increase their performance. For example, silica sand can be added to the epoxy coating to create a beautiful textured floor that will not be slippery.
Easy to Maintain
Fast Install - 2-3 Days
Unlimited Design Options

Installing all throughout queensland

Quality matters.

We have installed metallic and flake epoxy flooring systems in luxury residential homes, and apartments as well as retail stores, restaurants, office spaces and just your everyday garages all over Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and their surrounding areas.

Ideal uses for our premium epoxy systems are retail stores, salons, lobbies, restaurants and office buildings. With the ability to use rapid drying products means that epoxy flooring can be install on strict timeframes where installation for other products would not be possible. It is a sensational flooring choice due to its unique appearance and excellent wear and durability even in high traffic areas and with the application of UV stable top coats means there are applications for both internal and external areas.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solutions

Convert your boring concrete into a spectacular looking floor

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important things you should know

Epoxy F.A.Q.

No. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to just about everything. Acids, bleach, bacteria, germs, oil and gas – epoxy flooring also creates a seal that can prevent damage to the concrete below making it a sensible and economical choice for years to come. Epoxy is the perfect choice for commercial and industrial use from mechanic workshops to hospitals

If you are in need of a heavy duty floor, epoxy flooring is the right choice for you. It can withstand heavy traffic and machinery, so it can be the perfect flooring for garages, factories, warehouses and airplane hangars.

Epoxy flooring is relatively quick to apply and set and can usually be done within a couple days. If you have some work needing to be done, contact us so we can give you an idea on timing and price

Compared to other types of flooring, the per square foot cost of epoxy floors are tough to beat. Since it can be installed directly over concrete and other flooring types, the installation costs are quite a bit lower than the others. Pricing remains one of the biggest and the most immediate advantages you’ll find with epoxy flooring.

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Highly durable. Water and stain resistant, epoxy floorings can also stand up to abrasive chemicals making it the perfect choice for not only the bathroom but for the garage, basement and heavier duty commercial areas such as showrooms and warehouses. The best part, very easy to maintain with a quick spray or a mop.

We service all of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. For any job outside of this area, give us a call or submit a form with more details to see if we’re available for the job. Contact here

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